this day has gone on for a week.
i really need to do something about this job. i am so
bored. bored bored bored.

and hungry.
and tired.

it is amazing how sitting on your ass for 8 hours a
day can wear you out. i need a project - something to
research - some information to unearth. something to
occupy my time.

i guess i could organize all the saved files in the
computer - throw things away - make folders for
others. but - god that sounds unappealing.

i don't know. maybe i need to look for another job? i
don't really want to do that either because then i have
to decide what will i do with my life. and who wants
to do that?

so i daydream.
check my e-mail.
read weblogs.
and so on.

i haven't been able to fall asleep lately.
my mind is running 100 miles and hour and my body
won't relax.

maybe i need to work out harder, longer, more.

that's all for now.
i've lost five pounds.

15 more to go.